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Public Notary, member of the “Chamber of public notaries, Bucharest” and member of The National Union of Public Notaries from Romania

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Welcome to the Professional Notary Association

The National Union of Public Notaries from Romania is a member of the Notaries Boarding from Europe Union, as an expression of the Romanian notary integration on European area, making possible that the procedures and competences of a notary in Romania to be at the highest level in the industry, at an European level, with the purpose to offer quality notary services to every applicant.



Why us?

Find out the reasons for choosing a collaboration with our office

The quality of notarial services as well as the speed of their execution, ranks the Professional Notarial Association "Stoica S. Eduard" in the top of notary offices in Bucharest, being perhaps the most appreciated company of professionals in this category of legal services.

Top services

We are the choice of clients in Bucharest according to the Falcons of the Law, we were nominated in the top companies providing services to the public.


Our extensive experience in this field can recommend us to solve a variety of issues and situations that may appear, regardless their nature or difficulty.

Fast and efficient

Our notary office from Bucharest offers you simple contact procedures: just send an E-mail and you can come by to sign the required papers and pick them up.

Public notary in Bucharest

Documents and Notary Procedures

The following notarial documents can be drawn up on the spot. Depending on the workload, the waiting time is between 15 and 20 minutes.
Legalized copy of documents

Legalized copy of documents

Legalization of the translator's signature

Legalization of the translator's signature

Legalization of the signature specimen

Legalization of the signature specimen

Certification of important legal facts

Certification of important legal facts

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Notary services in Bucharest, District 1

Notarial Documents with a relatively
long execution time

Loan agreements

The loan agreement is that notary procedure, where a belonging can be borrowed to be used, free of title, on a fixed period of time.


With a notary prosecutor's means, you can empower another person, named mandate, to close one or many legal documents in your name.

Notary statements

Statement for minor travelling, statement of accepting the inheritance / disclaim the inheritance statement and so on.

Wills and recalling
of wills

The notary will is the safest way from a legal point of view, because it”s the most difficult to be attacked in court.

Bucharest Professional Notary Association

Make an appointment with us

To make an appointment, please select the available date and time displayed in the calendar. After completing the form you will be contacted by one of our legal advisers to confirm the appointment.

If you want to schedule an unavailable time, please contact us by phone at the number shown below.
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+40 722 222 281

June 2021

Notary services

Authentications & notary procedures

  • Succession procedures (sharing / succession sharing)
  • Drawing up contracts:
    • Sales contracts
    • Donation contracts
    • Life annuity contracts
    • Maintenance contracts
    • Loan agreements for real estate
    • Promise to sell-buy
Amicable dissolution of the marriage/divorce
Matrimonial conventions and liquidations of matrimonial regimes

These notary documents represents only some of the procedures that our team from Bucharest can provide. For a resolution of a legal issue of any nature, please contact us via phone or just send us an e-mail

Notary Public in Bucharest, District 1

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    For any questions, suggestions or comments please contact us by phone, or through the contact form displayed below.

    Mobile / Fix

    Mobile: +40 722 222 281
    Fix: +40 310 699 916
    Fax: +40 310 699 917

    E-mail address


    Operating schedule

    Monday-Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
    Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00


    Authorized translations and interpreting
    A.N.E.V.A.R. Expert
    Cadastrist Engineer

    Our location

    George Enescu no. 27-29, ground floor, (inside U.G.I.R. Palace), District no. 1, Bucharest

    The notary office, Stoica Sebastian Eduard is located in the area of Romana, Amza and University square, on the George Enescu Street, no. 27-29, Bucharest, District 1, in the convention hall of the General Union of the Industrials from Romania Palace, right on the ground floor. From the Roman Square metro station, going towards the University, it will last 2 Minutes to get here by foot.
    This public Notary functions with the named base no 1332/C from 06.04.2018, issued by the Department of Justice and has a functioning license no 303/3986 from 26.10.2018, issued by the Notarial Register of the public notaries.

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      Public Notary Roman Square Bucharest, District 1 – notariatstoica.ro

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      For an immediate solving of your requests, you can choose a communication method from the following:

      • VIA EMAIL: You can write us an e-mail to notariat.stoica@gmail.com in which to request the needed notarial document (statement, sale contract and other). In the e-mail, It is necessary to mention your full name, the requested document and the phone number. Our colleagues will take over all the infos and they will contact you in the shortest time to set up a meeting.
      • ON THE PHONE: – You can contact us on the phone at +40 722 222 281, in our working schedule from Monday to Saturday, between 9 am and 5 pm. Our team will inform you regarding the necessary documents for preparing the requested one. You can also, set up a meeting to one of our headquarters from Bucharest to pick up the documents.
      • ONLINE: – You can fill up the clients form with the personal data, which is attached in the contact section if the site, you can write to us on WhatsApp, or you can get in touch with us in real time thru the available chat on site.
      • AT OUR OFFICE: You can submit the requested documents for a specific one at our notary headquarter. Depending on the complexity of the requested document, it will be released on the spot or a meeting will be set up for its releasing.

      Please note that no matter what communication method you will choose, our team will request the documents for preparing it, scanned or photographed clear with a cellphone, on our E-mail Address or thru WhatsApp, to shorten the waiting time for the issuance of notarial documents. Your personal information is managed in accordance with all policies relating to the processing of personal data. We mention that, at the moment when you arrive at our office for the collection of the notarial procedures, it is mandatory for you to present us the documentation requested in original.

      Resons for choosing a collaboration with the Stoica Sebastian Eduard Notary Office:

      • Our team of competent legal advisers has the ability to take over and implement a generous volume of notarial documents.
      • The online reviews of our clients from the Google Maps search engine, ranks us in the top of the best rated notary offices both in Bucharest and in the country.
      • We are the choice of every client in Bucharest according to the Falcon of the Law publication and we were also nominated by firmadeincredere.ro for 2020 in the top companies providing services to the public.
      • We offer the possibility to send us online on the e-mail addres notariat.stoica@gmail.com or on the contact form, the necessary documentation for the preparation of the notarial documents, saving the time of our clients, their presence being necessary only when signing the documents in the final form when they bring the original documents.
      • Obtaining a price quote can be done through the real estate sale-purchase form.
      • The Notary Public was interviewed by numerous specialized publications (Profit.ro, Wall-Street).
      • The Notary Public travels to the banks’ offices to sign the notarial documents.
      • The headquarters of our notary office is easily accessible to customers, being located inside the state building of the U.G.I.R. Palace in the center of the capital – Roman Square Area, 2 minutes by subway, on George Enescu Street no. 27-29, district 1.
      • We work with the public even on Saturdays, between 09:00 and 15:00.
      • We take care of the verification / registration in the Real Archive of Movable Guarantees.
      • Scheduling and settling legal proceedings are a priority for us.
      • Parking spaces are avaible near the notary office.
      • Through the delegations of the notary office, we can obtain on behalf of clients the necessary documents, specific to the preparation of the notarial document, from the competent Institutions (City Hall, A.N.A.F., D.I.T.L., Energy Auditors etc.) and various addresses from the competent City Halls.
      • Clients have the opportunity to pay all notarial fees by any type of payment (card/P.O.S., Bank Transfer, Cash).